Buck’s Fizz Naked Body Conditioner from Lush

Buck's Fizz Naked Body Conditioner

Behind the scenes Lush are currently very busy with the creating of packageless ‘naked’ products. After being more than impressed by the likes of the Twilight and Snow Fairy naked shower gels, I couldn’t wait to try out the other formats of naked products that Lush currently have on offer.

Seeing as I got on so well with the brand new Buck’s Fizz body conditioner, I thought trying its ‘naked’ equivalent was a step in the right direction for my next, naked-Lush-product experience. To quickly round up on what a body conditioner is, they are basically body lotions that can be used in the bath/shower. They are perfect if you’re lazy (like me) and can never be bothered to moisturise after getting out of the bath/shower.

Buck’s Fizz shares its scent with the much loved Golden Wonder bath bomb which happens to be one of my favourite of the Winter Lush scents, rich with cognac, lime and Brazilian orange oils it has a boozy, citrus-fruit kick that leaves you feeling warm, content and snug as a bug.


All of Lush’s body conditioners are designed to make keeping your skin hydrated an effortless task. The Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner is pretty much the same as the potted version (apart from the obvious). All of the naked body conditioners are similar consistency wise to Lush massage bars, although they are a lot more robust and not quite as easily melted.

To use them, all you need to do is work them into your skin just as you would a bar of soap. After massaging it into your body you are then meant to gently rinse yourself off followed by you then patting yourself dry with a towel. I advise that you do not go crazy with the rinsing off, leaving a small amount of it on is the same as leaving a body lotion on. When I have used just enough of it to do my whole body, I find it soaks into your skin very quickly leaving it looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and luxurious.

A very small amount of the Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner goes a very long way and although storing the naked body conditioners is a little difficult due to it being packageless, it not being in a pot also has its practical as well as ethical advantages. Especially if you’re like me and have bad hands (therefore not being able to open lids easily).

To store my naked body conditioners, I keep them in an open Lush tin, left out of the water stream (if used in the shower) I find keeping it perched in one of the tins is the best way to make it last, letting it dry in between uses is key to making sure you get the most you can out of it.

Overall I am very impressed with the Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner, I didn’t really get the whole idea of the naked products at first but with every one I try I am growing more and more fond of them. Yes, they do require a little bit more effort to store them but when you think of the positive impact packageless products are having on the world I feel it’s worth it. They are so much easier to just grab and use in a rush too, no tricky lid fiddling makes me a very happy lushie!

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Author: Lulu

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