Jingle Spells Bath Bomb from Lush


The Jingle Spells Bath Bomb was one I had been desperately in search of for what seemed like an eternity. Every time it came up in the Lush Kitchen it managed to fall on a part of the month where I didn’t have the luxury of being able to treat myself, my luck however changed almost 4 weeks ago as I managed to grab a few.

What first attracted me to this bath bomb was how it looks. Before I had it in my hands, I had no idea what it smelt like. All I could do was look at photos of it on my laptop or phone. I was of course instantly seduced by its colour. As you can see from the photos featured in this review, Jingle Spells is the most beautiful shade of purple adding to its design is a very light dusting of gold and white stars on it’s top.

To look at, Jingle Spell reminds me of the old version of the Northern Lights bath bomb, both in colour and in regard to the scattered star decorations. Online I have seen a few people compare it to the Blackberry bath bomb, after using it I can’t put my finger on why it has been compared to it, other than maybe its colour I can’t see or smell anything that makes them alike.


The Jingle Spells bath bomb shares its scent with the Wizard bubble bar. It is very different from anything I’ve used from Lush before. The fennel oil within it gives it a sweet yet spicy edge. Alongside the fennel oil is a splash of tangerine and juniperberry oils too, altogether these ingredients give the Jingle Spells bath bomb a slight fruity, warming and woody scent. The only other way I can think of describing its scent is with the words warm and magical.

As soon as the Jingle Spells bath bomb hits the bath water a feeling of relaxation hits you. The scent intensifies slightly as the bath bomb floats and fizzes away. It isn’t long until you start to feel super relaxed, normally it takes me a few minutes to start to notice a difference but, I was ready for bed before the bath bomb had even finished dissolving.


Was the Jingle Spells bath bomb worth the wait? Yes! It wasn’t as theatrical as the likes of the Intergalactic or Fizzbanger bath bomb, but it’s warming and relaxing scent got me so chilled out in such a small amount of time that I could look past any lack of potential bath art.

The oils in Jingle Spells make the bath water silky smooth, if my skin could speak it would be sending Jingle Spells a whole lot of praise. Not only does it feel fabulous on your skin, but its gorgeous scent also remains with you hours and hours after getting out of the bath.

Once the bath bomb has fully dissolved the light dusting of stars float to the top of the bath water and although this isn’t colourful like the above-mentioned bath bombs, I loved it.

Sometimes less really is more. I’d love for Lush to bring out a body lotion with this scent, I think I’d sleep peacefully for a week after using it!


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