Green Green Bath of Foam Bubble Bar from Lush

green-green-bath-of-foam-bubble-barI love how the Lush Kitchen reintroduces us all to long forgotten products from Lush’s past.

When the Green Green Bath of Foam Bubble Bar appeared in the Lush Kitchen back in November 2016 I had never even heard of it before. Curiosity as always got the better of me and I decided to order a few.

I know you’re all sick of hearing of Christmas now, I can assure you I am too. Green Green Bath of Foam is however designed in the shape of Christmas tree so I may have to use the C word a couple more times in this review, sorry!


Green Green Bath of Foam is primarily a Christmas bubble bar I however feel it would work well all year round. For me Lush Christmas products are ones like Hot Toddy shower gelChristmas Kisses bubble bar and the Gingerbread House bubble bar. There’s just something about the spicy and warming products that help me get in the Christmas mood.

The Green Green Bath of Foam bubble bar is decorated with fresh red peppercorns that I think vaguely resemble ladybirds in the photo above. I have even dreamt that they turn into ladybirds, rest assured they don’t, (I really need to get out more.)

It is a beautifully, bold and festive green. As far as it being Christmas themed goes, I feel that it certainly looks like a Christmas product, it is however very different from ones that we have got used to in the most recent Winter product lines.


With a mix of bergamot, grapefruit and frankincense oil in it, the Green Green Bath of Foam scent is an uplifting one, it helps clear my mind of any stresses I have faced that day and helps me wind down and relax.

It pairs beautifully with the Blackberry bath bomb, together they make an excellent bath time cocktail that always ensures I get a much better nights sleep.

I was totally blown away by this bubble bar. I honestly didn’t expect it to make much of an impression on me, it however did and I can’t believe why Lush Kitchen haven’t bought this retro Lush product back sooner?

The next time it pops up in the Kitchen I will most certainly be ordering some more. I don’t think it is a very Christmassy product but I could get used to it being one if I had to! 😉

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