Hot Toddy Shower Gel from Lush

Hot Toddy Shower Gel.pngHot Toddy Shower Gel had me intrigued purely on its name alone. When the opportunity to buy some presented itself I of course snapped it up.

I didn’t expect Hot Toddy to smell how it does, its scent is almost identical to the scent of the fizzy cola bottle sweets I used to eat as a kid.

For some reason I thought it was going to have a very hot and spicy fragrance. I wasn’t however completely wrong, it does have a slight spice to it but it also has a sweet element to it too.

The Hot Toddy gel has a multitude of ingredients that are perfect for warming you up during Winter time. Ginger, clove leaf, patchouli and my all time favourite spice, cinnamon.

I loathe Winter with a passion, if humans could hibernate I’d be the first in line while rocking a funky set of super fluffy pyjamas.

Unfortunately we can’t hibernate and I therefore have to find other means to get through Winter. Enters Lush’s Hot Toddy Shower Gel! it really does make my Winters a lot easier to endure.

hot-toddy-shower-gel-blobThe Hot Toddy shower gel has quite a thick consistency making it very similar to the likes of the Bubbly shower gel.

A little of the product goes a very long way, the smallest amount of shower gel lathers up effortlessly and it is as you work it in your hands in preparation to cleanse your body that the scent and its magic warming properties really hits you.

I cannot express how amazing Hot Toddy feels on my tired and achy muscles. If I could just jump into a pool full of it that would be fabuLUSH.

It’s almost as if the shower gel seeps through to your muscles massaging them, the warmth of it and how it feels on my skin is just so, so good.


I tried to get a picture of the beautiful gold lustre that makes the Hot Toddy shower gel that little bit more special, as always my photo does it no justice at all. If you’re new to Lush please do not be put off of the products that have lustre in.

When I first got into Lush I avoided the lustre products like the plague, I then accidentally used a product with lustre in and all went well, I didn’t look like a sparkling vampire…

I feel like a broken record as I write a paragraph like this for every product I review with lustre in but it’s honestly not like jumping into a pot of glitter, it’s more of a light, cosmetic shimmer. There also isn’t really that much of it actually in the products and it’s completely biodegradable.

Overall I am totally blown away at Hot Toddy. It is so much more than just a shower gel.

I’m gutted I only have the one bottle left, although… I do have a mini one on the way

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