Hey, my reviews are few and far between over the last 12 months + and for that I’m sorry. I am still dedicated to sharing my Lush reviews, things are just taking me a little bit longer at the moment. This is all down to a mixture of new meds, more joint problems, lockdown and a huge lack of sleep.

Since the first UK lockdown my body clock is all over the place. I’m hoping now that the vaccines are being rolled out things can begin to get back to normal.

It’s not so easy to concentrate with so much going on in the world and for me medically and the last thing I want to do is put out half hearted reviews. I’m trying a new method of writing posts from bullet points. It seems to be making things easier.

Please bear with me, I don’t just write the reviews, I have to photograph everything too and also run a Lush instagram account. Who new blogging was 100 full time jobs all rolled into one? 🙈

I’m getting some help to proof read stuff I have written now so hopefully things start to speed up again.

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves.

Lots of love, Lulu x