Lush Upon A Time – Link Dump

For the readers coming via Instagram, I know it can be fiddly to find separate reviews as the ‘search for post’ option can be hard to find on certain devices, because of this I decided that while I take my blogging break it would be quicker for me (and easier for you) to add a temporary page with a link to each of my most recent reviews.

Valentine’s Day 2022:
Strawberry Heart Shower Jelly
Temptation Shower Gel
Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb
Hot Lips Lip Mask and Scrub
Love Bug Bath Bomb
Kim the Carrot Bubble Bar
Aubergine Bath Bomb

Mother’s Day 2022:
Rose Gold Bath Bomb
Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb
The Elephant in the Tea Room Bath Bomb
Jasmine Bath Bomb
Besties Bubble Bar
Mimosa Shower Gel
Yummy Custard Body Wash

Easter 2022:
Follow the White Rabbit Bath Bomb
Flamingo Egg Bath Bomb
Disco Duck Bath Bomb
What’s Up, Doc? Shower Gel
*I’ll be back from my break in time to finish the rest of the Easter product reviews before the start of Easter!*

Other recent product reviews:
Happy Skin Facial Exfoliator
Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb
Apple Crumble Bubble Bar
Posh Chocolate Body Wash
Lucky Tiger Bath Bomb
Lakes Bath Bomb
Keep it Fluffy Shower Gel
Diamond Dust Bath Bomb