Apple Crumble Bubble Bar from Lush

The Apple Crumble Bubble Bar finally became available to purchase in the UK back in April 2021. Its initial release had been delayed several times before then and the wait for it felt like an eternity, so much so that I had started to believe that the UK weren’t ever going to get it… 

I’m a huge fan of all things apple so was very excited to get a hold of the apple-shaped bubble bar.

The Apple Crumble bubble bars scent is a brand-new Lush-scent-family (to me anyway). A lot of customers including myself assumed that the bubble bar shared its scent with the Once Upon a Time body spray, at first, I admit to being a little disappointed that it didn’t share a scent, the disappointment however evaporated away as soon as I finally got to give Apple Crumble a sniff!

The Apple Crumble bubble bar contains myrrh resinoid, orange flower absolute, fresh apple pulp, shea butter, cinnamon leaf oil and organic cocoa butter. Its scent is delicious, it smells just like freshly sliced apples sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

After spending months looking at the Apple Crumble bubble bar on Lush customers outside of the UK’s Instagram accounts, I was very surprised with its size once I finally had it in my hands. 

At 200g each the Apple Crumble bubble bar is the exact same weight as the Brightside and the, The Comforter bubble bars.

The one thing I love about bubble bars is that they can be spread out over several baths while bath bombs can only really be used in just the one bath. I was therefore pleased to find out that a very little amount of the Apple Crumble bubble bar goes a ridiculously long way.

To use the Apple Crumble bubble bar, I put broken up pieces of it into a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this the most effective way to use single use bubble bars. This method is also the best way to ensure none of the bubble bar gets accidentally wasted and through trial and error, I have found that this method makes the most bubbles.

The first time I used the Apple Crumble bubble bar I decided to chuck half of one into a sieve, the bubbles began to grow very quickly, within just a few minutes I regretted using so much. It was like I’d stepped into my very own private foam party.

The water underneath the thick blanket of fluffy white bubbles is the deepest, most shimmery red colour I have seen created by a bubble bar from Lush in a very long time. It looks very similar to the beautiful waters created by the Poisson D’Avril bubble bar BUT Apple Crumble is so much silkier on your skin.

I don’t think my skin has ever felt so smooth after a bath before, there was no need to moisturise once I got out and the scent stayed on my skin for the rest of the day too.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Apple Crumble bubble bar. I am really looking forward to future products sharing its same delicious scent… I am also looking forward to reviewing the other fruit crumble bubble bars for you in the near future too!

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Open Your Heart Bubble Bra from Lush

Open Your Heart Bubble BraBack in 2017 Lush released the Golden Pear soap as a part of their Winter line. Ever since the Golden Pear soaps release the Lush community have gone wild for its scent, due to its popularity  Lush have gone on to create several more products that share its scent.

Lush’s 2019 Valentine’s Day line features the Golden Pear scented Open Your Heart Bubble Bra. No, that isn’t a typo… it really is called the Open Your Heart bubble bra!

Inspired by Madonna’s pointed 80’s bra this bubble ‘bar’ screams to be bought, if you’re looking for a bubble bar with a unique selling point then a bubble ‘bra’ comes top of the list for sure…

Just like the Love Token reusable bubble bar which is also a part of 2019’s Valentine’s Day line, Open Your Heart is covered in gold shimmer, underneath its sparkly coating is yellowy-orange bubble bar. Designed in the same way as the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon, 2 edges are sandwiched together. These edges obviously being the cups of Madonna’s iconic and very peculiar shaped bra.

Lush instruct you to use one half or both pieces of bubble bar to ensure you have a ‘Valentine’s bath you won’t forget in a hurry’. I personally used the whole thing together. Usually I’d try and spread a bubble bar over at least 2 baths but with Open Your Heart being quite small I found it was best for me to use it all at once.

I found that using just one half of it didn’t leave me with very many bubbles at all. It does however depend on your baths water pressure though, by all means if you get enough bubbles with half then only use half, it’s all down to personal preference really.

The Open Your Heart bubble bar has a somewhat sour-pear fragrance, it’s not quite as strong as its soap equivalent but is close enough for me to consider both products as in the same scent family. It’s a scent that reminds me of cooked pears, slowly baked in a pie smothered in sugar; Delicious!

Although it’s not a scent I go mad for personally, I can see why so many people do like it so very much.

Placed under the tap, the Open Up Your Heart bubble bar fills your bath up with a shimmery golden-yellow water. Although it did create a lot of bubbles, they didn’t stay around for very long, completely disappearing long before I’d finished my bath. This is however a common occurrence with Lush’s bubbleroon bubble bars because of their buttery centre.

What bubbleroons such as Open Your Heart lack in bubble-longevity they well make up for with how silky-soft they turn your bath water. My skin felt amazing once I had left the bath, not only was my skin lightly fragranced with the scent of Open Your Heart but it also felt refreshed, silky smooth and perfectly hydrated too.

Overall I did enjoy using the Open Your Heart bubble bar, it’s not my favourite of the 2019 Valentine’s line and I feel it would have been better in a different colour, (we already had a gold sparkly bubble bar in this years collection with Love Token) but I did enjoy its ingredients and how relaxed it left me.

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Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon from Lush

Mother of Pearl Marbled BubbleroonThe Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon is one of three brand new, limited edition bubbleroons that are a part of Lush’s 2018 Mother’s Day line. With my favourite bubbleroon, Yuzu and Cocoa being discontinued last Summer, I have been waiting for something to fill the huge gap it has left. Bright blue in colour, Mother of Pearl is hard to miss.

What’s different about the 3 new Mother’s Day bubbleroons is that they have a marbled-effect-bath-melt on their top. A bit like fancy icing on top of a cupcake. Lush aren’t just dipping their bath bombs (i.e Roller) in bath melt to finish them off anymore, the Mother’s Day bubbleroons are also getting the dip treatment too now!

The Mother of Pearl marbled bubbleroon shares its scent with the Sakura bath bomb. Containing mimosa, orange and jasmine absolute you’d expect its scent to be quite heady and strong like the Fox bath bomb, instead it has a very light and sweet floral fragrance. I often find floral scents a little overpowering, Mother of Pearl is however gentle enough for me to enjoy thoroughly.

With its gentle mix of floral ingredients, Mother of Pearl has a very refreshing and clean fragrance. It reminds me of freshly washed bed sheets, sinking into a Mother of Pearl bubble bath is just like slipping into a freshly made bed.


With bubbleroons I like to dice them up (still in large chunks not crumbled up) and then run them under the tap in a sieve. There’s no wrong way to use Lush bubble bars, the sieve is just my chosen method as I find you get the right amount of bubbles with it, I have quite low water pressure, after much trial and error I have found this method to be the most effective in my bathroom. Just one Mother of Pearl bubbleroon can be spread across 3 beautiful bubble baths.

What first impressed me about the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon was its bubble power. I found with the Heart of Enlightened Expectation (an earlier released bubble bar with a bath melt top) that the bubbles didn’t last for as long as I had hoped, I thought that this was probably because of the melt. I however didn’t have this problem with the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon.c

The water underneath the blanket of fluffy white bubbles was also such a vivid and dazzling shade of blue, I couldn’t help but take a picture of it alongside my fluorescent pink nails just to emphasise how truly spectacular the shade of blue water was.

Used alongside Lush’s Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub (also the same scent as Mother of Pearl) my skin has never felt better. The Mother of Pearl bubbleroon is super hydrating all on its own but paired up with Rub, Rub, Rub is a game changer for me. I will certainly be stocking up on this bubbleroon before the Mother’s Day line retires for another year.

If you’re looking for a product with a gentle scent that’s fit not just for Spring but the Summer too then I strongly recommend trying the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon. It’s so hydrating on the skin and it’s making me so excited for the Summer!

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Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon from Lush

Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon

The Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon shares its scent with the much loved and recently retired Lush product, the Fizzbanger bath bomb. Every year Lush have to discontinue a certain amount of products to make way for new ones. As sad as it is to see some of your favourite products go, updating the product line with new products to try, keeps things fresh and interesting. When I heard that this new bubble bar shared its scent with Fizzbanger I couldn’t wait to buy one.

You wouldn’t be frowned upon for mistaking the Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon for a previous Valentine’s product. Looks wise it is very similar to another heart shaped bubbleroon called Heart Throb. Looks is however all it has in common, both are surprisingly different, especially when it comes down to scent.

Whole Lotta Love’s ingredients and scent is a feast for your nose as well as your skin. It contains bergamot and lemongrass oil as well as jasmine, rose and ylang ylang absolute. Whole Lotta Love’s scent is often described by people not so familiar with it as a citrus lemon scent, I can see why people immediately pick up on the lemongrass but if you take a second to really take in its scent you realise there is so much more to it than just lemon. The scents I always pick up from this bubbleroon reminds me of warm apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

The Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon consists of 2 heart shaped bubble bars stuck together just like a macaroon, its filling and binding-together-ingredient being yellow shea butter. This is how the bubbleroons got their ‘macaroon’  inspired names, they work no different from a standard bubble bar, they are just designed with macaroons in mind. The shea butter that sandwiches both of the heart shaped bubble bars together is (once set) decorated with a tiny paint brush like tool with finishing touches of golden lustre.

Copious amounts of bubbles can be made with just 1 half of this bubbleroon. It turns the bath water a beautiful, creamy shade of red, it is a very romantic bath time treat to say the least. Its scent lasts throughout the bath and also stays on your skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too. The shea butter in it also doesn’t go unnoticed. It adds a softness to the bath water that leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated and bright. In comparison to the Heart Throb bubbleroon, the Whole Lotta Love blows Heart Throb out of the water, or should I say, bath.

Since the discontinuation of the Fizzbanger bath bomb I know a lot of people have missed it, the Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon has definitely helped with the loss of such a high profile, Lush favourite. After a long hot soak in a Whole Lotta Love bath, I like to carry on its amazing scent by spritzing myself with some Love body spray. Which along with the Fizzbanger bath bomb also shares its heart-warming fragrance. I love that Lush allow us to explore the same scents through different formats of products, I still think that Fizzbanger is my favourite product created in its scent but Whole Lotta Love is a close second!

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Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon from Lush

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon.png

The Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon is definitely my favourite out of all the macaroon inspired bubble bars. To me, it smells just like Jaffa Cakes. My first experience with the scent was with the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, I’d looked at the bubbleroon equivalent in store but always decided to get one of the bigger bubble bars such as Brightside instead.

Once I had however tried the shower cream I was hooked. I think it was at this point of my Lush journey where I realised that Lush Cosmetics do so much more than hoping for the best while mixing random essential oils together. They in fact master scents. Once a scent is mastered over a very long period of time (sometimes years) they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent.

I had fallen head over heels in love with the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream and I needed more of its kind. The Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon that I had always disregarded for bigger alternatives suddenly become my most wanted item, I couldn’t get to my local Lush quick enough! Luckily for me, both the shower cream and the bubbleroon are now staple store product so I will never run out of either.

yuzu-cocoa-plusAll of the bubbleroons had a huge makeover in 2015, I haven’t got a photograph of the old versions to show you for comparison purposes, you’ll just have to take my word for it. The makeover was a massive improvement. The photo above is how they currently are now.

You can get 3 maybe 4 baths out of one bubbleroon. I like to however spread mine over 2 baths just because I love everything about the product so much. The scent, the way it makes my skin feel, it’s so beautiful.

The smallest amount of Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon creates a very generous amount of fluffy white, silky soft bubbles. Its citrus scent combined with its, cocoa-butter-chocolatey undertone makes it the perfect mood lifter. I seem to reach for the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon when I am on a diet too. Using it takes the edge off of my cravings for chocolate and cake.  It’s obviously not the same as eating a nice slab of chocolate cake but, it helps the cravings a little.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon extra.png
The Yuzu and Cocoa scent is amazing, laying in a bubble bath full of this bubbleroon is like floating around in a sea of Jaffa Cakes. It really is my idea of heaven. The only thing that could improve it is if I was presented with a box of Jaffa Cakes every time I crumbled a bit of Yuzu and Cocoa in the bath.

Another great thing about this bubbleroon is how good it is for your skin. All of the cocoa and shea butter in it helps hydrate my skin effortlessly. You can literally feel your skin drinking up all of the gorgeous butters. A soak in a Yuzu and Cocoa bath moisturises your skin so well that there is no need to moisturise once you get out of the bath.

I hope that Lush soon come up with more products in the Yuzu and Cocoa scent. I’d love a dusting powder or a body conditioner, both of those would be staple products in my bathroom without a doubt.

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Peeping Santa Bubble Bar from Lush


I first used the Peeping Santa Bubbleroon back in Winter 2015 and it was love at first sniff.

It’s cute dark chocolate eyes helped win me over too. What more could you want in a bathing partner?

It has a sweet, fruity scent, reminding me of fresh strawberries which makes a change as most of the other fruity products that I normally go for are citrus based. I was delighted to find out that it was coming back again as a part of the Winter 2016 line, my review is a little bit late but here I go!


You may have noticed that I have titled this post as the Peeping Santa bubble bar but have referred to it as a bubbleroon in the actual review. Performance wise there is no difference between the 2, both are primarily bubble bars.

The bubbleroons however resemble the small circular cakes, macaroons. Any of the bubble bars that resemble a macaroon are therefore bubbleroons. They have a top, creamy middle and then a bottom piece, placed together just like a miniature sandwich. I think Lush decided to call it a bubble bar on their website just to prevent any confusion.

Peeping Santa has proved very popular since its original release back in 2015. It shares its scent with a number of some of the best selling Lush products from the Yummy, Yummy, Yummy scent family. The Roller bath bomb and Yummy Mummy shower cream being 2 of my favourites from that particular line.


You could easily get 3 baths out of just one Peeping Santa, I however share it over two because I am greedy and simply can’t get enough of its sweet strawberry scent.

The amount of bubbles that it makes when run under a tap is more than enough. Once you’re in the bath tub with it, it really is like a strawberry scented foam party for one.

When I very first used Peeping Santa I can remember how beautiful it felt on my skin hours and hours after bathing in it. Not only does Peeping Santa’s beautiful scent stay with you hours after using it but it also perks up and hydrates your skin right through until the next day.


I quite like using the Peeping Santa on its own as its scent really does stand out. I have however tried out a few Lush cocktails including it and my favourite so far is Peeping Santa and the Intergalactic bath bomb. It sounds crazy but the peppermint and strawberry scent works really well together.

I hope to see these cheeky little bubbleroons again in next year’s Winter line!

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The Modfather Bubble Bar from Lush

Every last aspect of a Lush product is carefully picked and designed. Its scent, ingredients, shape and colours are all under special consideration. Every single part of a Lush product has a valid purpose for being there, they literally think and perfect every last detail.

When ever I get my hands on a brand new Lush product I like to delve a little into its history. I like to find out a little more about how and why the wonderful people at Lush came up with such a product.

This year Lush Cosmetics decided to make a line of Father’s Day products, this is the first year that they have done so. Lushie’s all over the world have welcomed this small range of new and exclusive products with open arms. After all, Lush release the most amazing Mother’s Day products so it’s only fair to let the Fathers of the world get in on the action too.

The Modfather Bubble Bar.png

The Modfather Bubble Bar although very small sure has a lot of clout. Inspired by the Mods and Rockers of Britain’s 1960’s youth subcultures, Lush have clearly had a lot of fun coming up with it.

I’m not going to write an essay for you to read on Mods and Rockers, in all honesty I don’t really know much about them anyway. I can vaguely remember learning about them at school when I was 9 or 10 years old. My only real memory of it is that we watched a video recording of an old BBC documentary on the ‘TV with wheels’.

Our teacher for that year was truly awful, he was lazy and couldn’t ever engage the class, he took the fun out of everything and I know this is why I don’t remember a single thing he ever tried to teach us. 16 years later I am still really disappointed in him as I could really do with some Mod and Rocker knowledge right now…


The Modfather bubble bar isn’t very big at all. What it however lacks in size it well makes up for with its beautiful scent. Packed with Brazilian orange oil, the Modfather bubble bar has a super zingy and energising-summer-scent.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to add a spring to their step. It’s mood brightening, refreshing and tailor made to revive all of ones senses.


The only negative point I have on this bubble bar is how small it is. As a woman of 5 foot 2, I can appreciate that good things come in small packages. I am however always a little disappointed if I cannot use the same Lush bubble bar over 2 or 3 baths.

I think that I am maybe just a little bubble-greedy though. The first bubble bar I ever purchased from Lush was The Comforter, size-wise I was therefore spoilt rotten, from day one.

Using the whole of the Modfather bubble bar for one bath did make for an incredibly lavish bath, it was fit for a king, making it (in my opinion) worth every penny. The first time I tried it I did try to use only half of it. Half of it left me with good results but not as good as using the whole thing. Although a little pricey if used in just one bath, it was a bloody good bath that I’d love to have time and time again.


Crumbling a Modfather bubble bar under a running tap produces more than a copious amount of luxurious, soft white, fragrant citrus bubbles. I have grown quite fond of the scent and hope that Lush incorporate it into future Lush products too.


The picture above speaks for itself. Underneath the canopy of bubbles is beautiful, royal blue water. I have yet to come across a Lush product that leaves my bath water such a deep blue before. It’s such a lovely shade of blue, I could just lay in the water for hours.

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Mumkin Bubble Bar from Lush

mumkin bubble bar

The Mumkin Bubble Bar is hands down one of the cutest Lush products to date. It was last available in the Lush Kitchen back in March and before that December 2015. The Mumkin bubble bar pictured above is the one I ordered back in December last year. I am obviously very behind on my product reviews as it is now May 2016, Sorry! My excuse is that you can’t rush perfection. *wink, wink!*

To be completely honest with you all, I am literally so overwhelmed by all of the amazing Lush products that have been available over the last 18 or so months, I just simply can’t keep up.


The first question that springs to mind when people first come across a Mumkin bubble bar is ‘What’s it supposed to be?’ I talk a lot in my sleep and last night I apparently told my fiancé that a ‘Mumkin is like a pumpkin but nice.’ .Hearing that, I couldn’t help but want to do my Mumkin bubble bar review today. It was obviously meant to be.

A Mumkin isn’t anything like what I described while asleep. Lush in fact describe it as an unknown, friendly, cute and curious creature. With its big brown, dairy-free chocolate chip eyes how can you resist? Decorated with a yellow star on its deep pink head, a green leaf and a marshmallow-like stalk, the Mumkin bubble bar is more than unique.

In a way I get a little sad when Lush make their products into little creatures, it’s easy to break up and work your way through a bubble bar such as the Brightside one. When the bubble bar has eyes however, my inner child wakes up and doesn’t want to mash him up at all, ‘Mum, can we keep him?’

My inner child soon disappeared when I first smelt the Mumkin bubble bar, I didn’t care that it had eyes I just had to get it into the bath!


The Mumkin bubble bar has a floral bergamot and gentle raspberry scent. I can’t actually think of another Lush product that even has a similar scent. On paper the Mumkin bubble bar sounds as if it would be very similar to the Rose Jam scent, it is however nothing like Rose Jam. Mumkin has a soft zest that mixes perfectly with its ingredients. Bergamot, Sicilian lemon and violet leaf oils blend so beautifully together, I can only hope that Lush use the Mumkin’s scent in future alternative products such as a Mumkin shower gel, solid shampoo bar or even a bath bomb.


The Mumkin bubble bar creates copious amounts of silky-smooth bubbles, its unique aroma gently, intensifies as the bubbles multiply. Buried underneath the canopy of the fluffy white bubbles you will find warming-orange-tinted water. I always use a sieve for my bubble bars as unfortunately I don’t have a mixed tap. I have the choice of a scolding hot tap or a freezing cold one.

In the sieve I like to run it under the hot tap as I feel that makes the most bubbles. I however find that not all bubble bars work in the same way. Some work best in a sieve if crumbled up (as above) where as others work better in a sieve in chunks. In regards to the Mumkin bubble bar, after much trial and error I’d probably advise you to sieve it in chunks. I found that crumbling it up weakened its beautiful scent somewhat.


As for the Mumkin’s bubble bars ability to freshen up my tired and often dehydrated skin, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only is my skin soft and hydrated, it also feels refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day.

I really hope that Lush Cosmetics use the Mumkin’s scent in alternative future products, ever since I first tried the Mumkin bubble bar I haven’t been able to stop eating raspberries. I fear that if I don’t stop eating them soon I will turn into a Mumkin!

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Heart Throb Bubbleroon from Lush

Heart Throb BubbleroonI am always super excited at the prospect of adding another bubbleroon to my Lush collection.

Heart Throb’s size is in consistency with the other Lush bubbleroons, it does however stand out from the crowd because of its unique shape.  Made up of 2 deep-red hearts that are fused together with gold-glitter tinted cream, it is very easy on the eye.  Putting Heart Throb against all of the other bubble bar products I can totally see why Heart Throb has proven to be so popular.

I have read several reviews on this Valentine’s day bubbleroon and all say different things regarding how much of the bubble bar they advise you use per bath.

When I first started my Lush journey I on instinct went straight for the bubble bars, not having much money for luxuries meant that the idea of a product that could be used on more than one occasion was ideal.

Many people use the whole of a bubbleroon for just one big, bubbly bath.  My personal preference is to however break them in half.  I have previously tried to break them into 3 or 4 pieces to spread out over several baths, this however made me feel like there just wasn’t enough product to go around.  After a lot of experimental-bath time trial and errors, I have come to the conclusion that using the whole bubbleroon for just one bath although fantastic scent wise, provides you with more bubbles than you actually need – that is if you don’t mind attending foam parties and being the only one invited…  Just half of a bubbleroon will guarantee you mounds and mounds of beautiful white bubbles and silky-smooth, tinted water that hydrates and soothes your skin.


The scent of the Heart Throb Bubbleroon is not one I am very familiar with, this is a completely new scent for me.  Dominated by vanilla, geranium and lemon oil it is a soft, fairly sweet, musky scent with a floral undertone, I am literally useless at describing scents so I won’t make a fool of myself by trying to put it into any more words.  Let’s just say that it is a very delicate and pleasant scent. 😉

Overall I think the Heart Throb Bubbleroon is a fantastic addition to the exclusive to Oxford Street, Lush Valentine’s line.

All though Heart Throb has well and truly impressed me, my favourite bubbleroon is still Yuzu and Cocoa. Never-the-less Heart Throb is a very welcome ingredient for some of the bath cocktails that I have planned in my future.

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