Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar from Lush

Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar

The Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar started its Lush life as a Harajuku, Japan store exclusive. It is however at the time of writing this review currently available from Lush’s UK website alongside a mountain of other bubble bars released in celebration of 30 years since the bubble bar was invented.

I’m always honest in my reviews and my first thought upon receiving the Mermaid Tail bubble bar was that it was quite small for its price. At the point of ordering, I was completely unaware that the Mermaid Tail bubble bar also had a bath-melt part. The blue detailed fin is in fact a bath melt, learning this made me a little happier about this products higher price.

The Mermaid Tail bubble bar shares its scent with the Baked Alaska soap and the Mermaid bath bomb, it contains lemon myrtle, ylang ylang and grapefruit oils so has quite an in-your-face citrus fragrance, if you’re looking for a product to wake you up, SEARCH NO MORE.

To my nose, the grapefruit oil is the most noticeable ingredient in Mermaids Tail, its scent is incredibly sharp, demanding your full attention.

Ordinarily I’d use a bubble bar this small all in one bath however after taking its scent-strength into consideration, I decided to break the bubble bar up, spreading it over 2 baths. I’m so glad I did this as I think my eyes would have started watering had I used it all together!

The first time I used the Mermaid Tail bubble bar I took the bath melt out of it, putting it to one side. Using just half of the bubble-bar-part of Mermaid Tail turned the bath water a beautiful shade of light purple, copious amounts of bubbles floated upon the waters surface too.

When it came round to using the other half of the Mermaid Tail, I decided to use the rest of the bubble-bar-part and the bath-melt-fin. The light purple water I experienced before was now a calming, pastel blue. I thought using the bath melt would stop there from being so many bubbles, I was wrong. I was extremely surprised that such a small amount of bubble bar could create so many bubbles.

I’d definitely say that the bath melt part of this bubble bar was the strongest scented part of it; Its scent lasted right up until the last drop of water went down the plug hole and then lingered in the air for a few hours after. The water was smooth and pearlescent, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Once I had got out of the bath I felt full of energy, its refreshing fragrance stayed on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day too, putting a spring in my step.

Overall I am quite impressed with the Mermaid Tail bubble bar, even though it’s small it served me 2 perfectly bubbled baths. Something I wasn’t expecting upon seeing its size. I also love the addition of the bath melt, I never normally have time to use bath melts but have made a mental note to try use more now as I really enjoyed the one included in the Mermaid Tail bubble bar.

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April Showers Bath Bomb from Lush

April Showers Bath BombThe April Showers Bath Bomb is a brand new release from Lush, it’s a part of Lush’s Easter 2018 range and I have to say that this year’s collection (the bath bomb’s in particular) are so much better than last years! for me personally, I quite like a wide variety of choices when it comes down to bath bombs.

Sometimes you crave a bold and colourful bath and other times you just want something a little more relaxed, be that a cooler more calmer scent or even just a gentler bath product that maybe displays less colour.

April Showers Bath Bomb

I grabbed the April Showers bath bomb out of the box of Easter stock first as I wanted a quick bath, I assumed that because of its crisp white exterior that it would be similar to the likes of the Sakura or original So White bath bomb. My expectations of the April Showers bath bomb were that it would be a quick, no fuss fizzer…

April Showers is a white, cloud shaped bath bomb that is decorated with pink and purple, raindrop-shaped bath melts. I ignorantly didn’t even realise that the raindrops were actually bath melts until I had used it.


With the Ultra Violet bubble bar not making a return yet again and the Baa Bar bubble bars recent change of ingredients April Showers is the go-to violet scented item in this years Spring collection.

I find April Showers scent to be an incredibly strong and very dry violet based one, not unlike the Ne Worry Pas bath bomb, it is however so much more in-your-face strong.

Once I had put the April Showers bath bomb in the bath the scent intensified even more.


I normally always stock up on any Springtime products with violet in as they tend to really help with my migraines. With April Showers scent being so much stronger than I am used to unfortunately it doesn’t really help me with my migraines, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a good bath though!

True, I am disappointed to no longer have a violet based product that helps with my migraines readily available, this however doesn’t take anything away from how much I like this new Lush bath bomb. As I had predicted April Showers was a fairly quick fizzer, what I didn’t expect from it was such beautiful bath art.

As mentioned above the pink and purple raindrops that decorate the April Showers bath bomb are in fact bath melts. It reminded me of the Lava Lamp bath bomb (but you’ll be pleased to hear) is a much easier clean up! – pink and purple oil decorate the milky violet water. I felt myself instantly relax when I lay back in its waters.


It made the water silky soft and in turn moisturised my skin thoroughly. After getting out I did need to pat myself down with a towel but other than that I was fine. A splodge of Fairy liquid and hot water helped rinse the leftover oil from the bath away (no scrubbing necessary!)

Its scent also stayed on my skin too. Once out of the bath, the intensity of the scent did dampen down on my skin it was however still noticeable the morning after which started my day off with me feeling just as relaxed as I was when I first got in the April Showers bath the night before.

Although April Showers isn’t the most eye catching of products upon first glance, it puts on such an amazing show. I am stocking up on this product before Easter is through, I love how unique it is, please try it, it’s a beautiful addition to the Easter 2018 product line.

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Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt from Lush

Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt

The very first thing I noticed about the Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt had to be its rather long name. For the purpose of this review and to save me from losing my mind, I will furthermore refer to it as just the ‘Heart’. It’s a beautiful name but also a bit of a nightmare at the same time. I don’t think Lush have ever had such a complicated named product.

There’s something about its names length that sets my anxiety off, laughable I know but I just keep thinking ‘there needs to be a comma somewhere?!!’. It’s like a friend who has a double barreled first, middle and last name, quite a mouthful. Moving swiftly back on to an actual review on the product itself, here is the brand new bubble bar and bath melt brought out by Lush, as a part of their 2018 Valentine line…

The Heart bubble bar melt is a reasonably sized bubble bar topped with a light coating of cocoa butter (the melt). It’s big enough to sit snuggly in my hand. To look at it really reminds me of carrot cake, the cocoa butter obviously being the icing. Above is a photograph of a crate of them in my local store, they all have a light dusting of golden lustre, by the time I however got mine home most of my lustre had fallen off as you can see from the photograph below.

The Heart bubble bar melt shares its scent with the Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt that was on sale from Lush this time, last year.  It has a floral-sweet fragrance; Scent wise the ylang ylang, bergamot and rose oils are probably the most noticeable of its ingredients. All of this products ingredients blend perfectly together, if romance had its own scent, I think the Heart bubble bar melts fragrance would be it!

I can get 2 generously bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar melt. I imagine you could get more than 2 baths out of it if you really wanted, I do feel anything more than 2 wouldn’t give you an experience that shows its true potential though.

Although I find this products bubble-potential a huge selling point, (after all, it is part bubble bar) I find that because of the melt part of the bubble bar, the bubbles don’t hang around as long as I am used to with Lush bubble bars. Within 10 minutes all you are left with is orange water, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but is something I have noticed.

Unlike the bubbles, this products scent stays with you throughout your entire bath, its scent does weaken ever so slightly but it is still present until the last drop of water goes down the plug hole. Considering the Heart is both bubble bar and bath melt, I expected the water to be soft and super hydrating on my skin. By all means it wasn’t at all drying, I just expected it to be slightly more moisturising than it was.

I really hate writing anything negative in my Lush-product-reviews but I have and always will be honest in them. If I declared my undying love for every single Lush product I’d clearly be lying, you simply can’t love everything. I do not dislike this bubble bar melt, it just hasn’t got me all excited in quite the same way as some of the other new Valentine’s products have. I’d have really liked to have seen a bath bomb in this scent, one that resembles a Roller or Over and Over would be a dream come true! Maybe Lush will make one next year… *fingers crossed*.

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Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt from Lush

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

The Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt is a Lush golden oldie that has made a return to all stores for 2017’s Winter line. Last year several Lush products received face lifts, the most noticeable being the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. This year Star Light Star Bright was the product to be tweaked.

In store you cannot see any obvious differences between the old and new versions. When you however use it, its alterations become crystal clear. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of using the previous version so I can only compare from other people’s photographs. Even without these photographs I have heard no negative feedback in regards to how it has been altered at all, I therefore feel safe in saying that it’s an improvement.

Star Light Star Bright is one of the largest of the Lush bath melts that I have tried, seeing as I haven’t ever been very keen on the Snow Angel bath melt I was really pleased to see an alternative larger bath melt included in this years regular Winter line.

The Star Light Star Bright bath melt is exactly the same size as the Stardust bath bomb, I’m sad this bath bomb didn’t make a return this year, Star Light Star Bright has however helped fill the void its absence has left. As Lush bath melts go, Star Light Star Bright is rather heavy, sadly some of the ones I have used have been sinkers, others have however worked well. Even the sinkers create some of the prettiest bath art when held at the water surface.

Ideally I’d love for them all to float as holding them is a lot more effort than I’d like to exert when attempting to take a relaxing bath, the bath art is however worth it. As soon as the Star Light Star Bright bath melt comes into contact with the water its coat of biodegradable, silver-lustre begins to float off of the bath melt revealing a plain white star. As this goes on, the bath water becomes decorated with the most beautiful, silver shimmer leaving you feeling like the nights sky.

Star Light Star Bright is often mistaken for a bath bomb, this is because of its larger size and also because of its performance in the bath. Upon first use, once the silver lustre had separated from the melt I thought that, that was the end of this products show. Then an explosion of colour burst out of it.

Most of the bath melts I have used previous to this have never created so much colour and beautiful bath art. Normally I find that the melts just melt away, leaving hardly any colour at all, for this reason I would say that Star Light Star Bright is truly one of a kind.

This bath melt is also perfect for winter battered skin, it makes the water so soft and hydrating with its murumuru butter, when the colours erupt from it, it shows a variety of colours reminiscent of the Roller bath bomb, both for the pretty patterns and its colours.

Scent wise, Star Light Star Bright is one of the more subtle scented products available in this years winter range. Containing ginger, lime and lavender oil I expected it to have more of a kick. It’s lighter scent however works very well with me, sometimes its nice to try a lighter scent.

If you’re lucky enough to purchase A Star Light Star Bright bath melt that doesn’t sink then you’re in for one of the prettiest baths Lush have created to date. Sinker or not, the hydrating qualities of this melt are spot-on. The colourful show it puts on (if it does stay afloat) makes this bath melt worth every penny too. I’ll finish this review off with a photograph I took of the water once the bath melt had dissolved, it creates one of the prettiest baths I have ever had the pleasure of soaking in.


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Two Hearts Beating as One Bath Melt from Lush

Lush bath melts and oils are still a fairly uncharted territory for me, I need help getting in and out of the bath because of my bad joints and adding something that could potentially make the bath more slippery is an accident waiting to happen.

I have however been getting on fine with the bath bombs that have half of them dipped in oil; The Roller, Never Mind the Ballistics and Over and Over have actually become some of my favourite Lush products. Using those 3 bath bombs gave me the confidence to start trying Lush bath melts and so far I’ve been perfectly safe in the capable hands of my bath!

The Two Hearts Beating as One Bath Melt is brand new for 2017. It is a part of the amazing Valentine’s Day range this year and has proven very popular. If you look at the photos  of the bath melt above you can see that it is made of 2 heart shaped melts, one pink and one orange.

They are designed to lock together as one. Having it like this is however completely up to you. I know some people have used the pink and orange bits separately over 2 baths instead. I of course use them both at the same time because you only live once. 😛

What first surprised me is how ungreasy it was. You’d expect a bath melt of its size to make you slip around like a seal on ice but it wasn’t like that at all. It was the perfect quantity. My skin felt moisturised but not too over moisturised, it was a lot better than I had expected.

Two Hearts Beating as One has a floral and sweet fragrance, the ylang ylang, apricot and rose oils are probably the most noticeable of its ingredients scent wise.

Like the Butterball bath bomb, Two Hearts Beating as One is best used in a hot as you can stand it bath. Once put in the bath water the Two Hearts bath melt floats, dancing around slowly creating pink and orange swirls of oil.

My Winter battered skin was very pleased with this bath melt. It left my skin feeling soft and silky smooth from top to toe. I really wasn’t expecting myself to like this bath melt as much as I did. I will be buying a couple more before the Valentine season is over.

A trick I have learnt about the oilier bath products from Lush is to always have a bottle of Fairy Liquid near by, a quick squidge of that on a sponge wipes any excess oil away with minimum effort. It’s the perfect solution for those that moan they don’t want to scrub out a bath straight after using it.

Some people would be really pleased to hear my fairy liquid trick, especially those sitting on the fence about becoming a Lushie so I thought I’d add it to this review.

A quick wipe around the tub before you get out helps so much, I always recommend giving the bath tub a quick hose down after you use it anyway, (Lush bath or not) I just like to rinse away the dead skin cells left behind after a bath. Why would you want them hanging around?! I am however a clean freak so I know not everyone does this after every bath. I honestly had no problems with this particular product mess wise though. I never have with Lush.

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Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb from Lush

 Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb.png

2016 has been one of Lush’s best years for products yet. I don’t know how they always manage to do better and better every year, they just do and that’s why I love Lush so much!

Earlier this year, the Mother’s day line introduced us to a completely new type of bath bomb, The Roller.

The Roller was unique to anything Lush had sold before because of its design. The bath bomb is made just like any other bath bomb but the top half of it is dipped into a mixture of hot oil and butters, they are then left to set. Once set you are left with a bath bomb with 50% of it covered in a thin coating of rich and super softening bath melt.

The release of the Roller bath bomb caused mass hysteria in the Lush world, I know sometimes I can exaggerate but Roller honestly caused absolute pandemonium. Everyone wanted to try it and every time they became available they would become sold out within minutes.

The Lush community has (at the point of me writing this review) been spoilt with 2 more bath bombs designed in the same way as Roller. The Over and Over bath bomb and the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb.


I was first introduced to the Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb at the Lush creative showcase back in September this year. It is currently part of the Lush 2016 Winter range and it has made quite the impression on me.

I do not recognise Never Mind The Ballistics’ scent from any other Lush product and it took me using it a few times to really appreciate it.

Never Mind The Ballistics is a wonderfully fruity scented bath bomb, this is however not very obvious at all. It contains both lime and sweet orange oil and also fresh banana. The banana seems to mask the zestyness that can normally be detected in products that contain lime or orange oil, it still has a very fruity scent but its so unique to any product I have tried from Lush before.

Just like the Roller and Over and Over bath bomb, Never Mind The Ballistics’ is a real treat for the skin.

I am very wary of products with extra melt in as I am not very steady on my feet due to 2 medical conditions, I therefore avoid anything that could make my bath tub excessively slippery.

As with Roller and Over and Over, Never Mind The Ballistics isn’t at all excessively oily, all 3 are in my opinion, in fact the perfect combination of bath bomb and bath melt. I was so scared of using them at first but am so glad that I did.

My photographs do the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb no justice at all. The colours and patterns it creates while swirling around your bathtub are almost hypnotic.

You just can’t take your eyes off of it and I always find myself trying not to wriggle or move in case I disturb its work of art!


I am so, so impressed with Never Mind The Ballistics. My only negative is that colour wise it is very similar to the Over and Over bath bomb.

I really like the idea of it having fresh banana in, if you struggle to have your 5 a day this bath bomb won’t help BUT I guess bathing in it is better than nothing at all… 😉

Although this bath bomb doesn’t appear at all Christmassy, I do think it’s a fantastic addition to the 2016 Winter line and I really recommend trying it at least once.

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Over and Over Bath Bomb from Lush

The Over and Over Bath Bomb was one of the few exclusive products available to buy at the Lush showcase back in September.

I was incredibly flattered to be invited to the biggest Lush event that has ever happened.

It really was an amazing day, everywhere I looked made my head spin with excitement, it was such a fantastic experience and one I will never, ever forget.

I will never be able to express my full gratitude to the Lush Kitchen for sending me the invite. All I know is, it was FABULOUS and I’d do every last bit of it all again, heatwave and all!


At the showcase there were so many new products that I didn’t even realise that the Over and Over bath bomb was different from the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb. When I did realise I decided to grab another. Everything else I got only one of.

When I got home and had some time to process all that had happened at the showcase, as well as the hype around the Over and Over bath bomb, I was ridiculously smug that I had bought 2!

Just like the legendary, mass hysteria creating Roller bath bomb, Over and Over has caused quite the stir within the Lush community. I thought at the time of the showcase that it would be available in all stores or at Oxford Street throughout the winter but at the point of writing this it has only ever been available to the general public at the 2016 Lush Showcase.

It was however announced last week that the Over and Over bath bomb would be released in the Lush Kitchen on Thursday the 10th of November 2016, I will most certainly be ordering some and if you want to as well, get online on the above date ASAP as I can guarantee they will sell out within minutes.

From Left to Right, Never Mind the Ballistics, Roller and Over and Over bath bomb

Designed in the same way as the Roller and Never Mind the Ballistics, the Over and Over bath bomb is in fact half bath bomb, half bath melt.

The top half of an Over and Over bath bomb is dipped in a waxy-like orange melt leaving the rest of it exposed, the rest is yellow in colour.

Unfortunately many of the meltable products suffered at the creative showcase because of the September heatwave. It was sad to see but the two Over and Overs that I picked up (apart from looking a bit disheveled) still worked ok in the bath.

Once placed in the bath water the Over and Over bath bomb creates a mass of thick and fluffy yellow foam. It soon begins to dance around the bath water, rolling and moving in exactly the same way as the Roller bath bomb does.

As the foam hisses away, floating on top of the bath water the Over and Over scent really hits you.


It isn’t long until you see that the Over and Over bath bomb has pink insides. The yellow, orange and pink colour spilling out of the bath bomb clash so well together, creating mesmerising bath art that you just can’t take your eyes off.

It’s hard to believe that so much vivid colour could come out of a cosmetic bathing product.

Performance wise, the Over and Over bath bomb could easily be confused with the likes of the, The Enchanter bath bomb.


The Over and Over bath bomb has a lemony-lime-citrus scent that reminds me of Lemsip.

I didn’t realise the connection until my boyfriend pointed it out. I hate Lemsip and I could have punched him there and then for putting the idea into my head.

I really didn’t want to associate such a great product with something that reminds me of the flu but once a comparison is made to a scent, I can never forget it.

* has flashback to when he also said that the Snow Angel bath melt smelt like cow’s poop* I haven’t been able to use it since…

Fortunately for the Over and Over bath bomb I have decided that I quite like its scent, it is just the taste of Lemsip that I dislike so much. As long as I’m not made to eat the bath bomb or drink the bath water I’m okay!

It’s scent is incredibly refreshing and warming all at the same time. It is a very crispy fruit scent that alerts yet relaxes my senses.


Due to the bath bomb being dipped in orange melt the Over and Over bath bomb is extremely moisturising. I always panic when I see so much melt, this bath bomb however got the melt and bath bomb ratio perfect.

My skin smelt lovely and felt refreshed for several hours after getting out of an Over and Over bath.

The only negative thing I want to say about the Over and Over bath bomb is how much it looks like the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb once it is in the bath.

Both bath bombs are mostly yellow, Never Mind the Ballistics is however dipped in pink melt and Over and Over is dipped in orange. Once in the bath, looking back on photographs I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

I think maybe they should have made the Over and Over bath bomb green and blue? green because of the lime oil and blue because I believe it clashes well with green. The pattern it would create would be very interesting.

Although they do look the same once in the bath, the scent however makes it very easy to identify the 2 from each other, I just wish they invented Smell-o-gram so that everyone could appreciate its scent through my blog.

Over all, (no pun intended) I really do like the Over and Over bath bomb, so much so that I hope they bring it out as a permanent store product rather than just a one off.

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NEW Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb from Lush


Being honest as always I was completely flabbergasted and totally speechless when I see that the much loved Shoot for the Stars bath bomb had, had a complete make over.

The makeover wasn’t even a slight tweak here and there, the new Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is in all intents and purposes a brand new bath bomb.

Apart from its scent the new version of Shoot for the Stars is completely unrecognisable.

Both designs are undeniably star orientated but until I see the name of the new version I wasn’t at all aware that it was in fact the same bath bomb reinvented.

Some Lushie’s (me especially) do not bode well to such drastic changes, I however always trust Lush’s decisions and wanted to give the new version a go.

The new bath bomb is blue all over and decorated with 3 visible golden stars. It wasn’t apparent to me until I had actually used the bath bomb that the golden stars are in fact chunks of bath melt.

The stars are made of a mixture of what I think is cocoa butter and coconut cream, they make Shoot for the Stars one of the most skin-hydrating Lush products I have used to date.

Long term Lush fans will notice that the Yog Nog Bath Bomb much like the retired version of Shoot for the Stars didn’t make a return in this years Lush winter line.

I wasn’t particularly bothered by this as Yog Nog was never a particular favourite of mine, however for those that did like it you will be happy to learn that the new Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is (in my opinion) a combination of both the older Shoot for the Stars and Yog Nog bath bomb.

Shoot for the Stars’ scent is about the only thing that has remained the same when comparing it to the earlier version of it.

The Shoot for the Stars bath bomb comes from the Honey I Washed the Kids scent family. Honey I Washed the Kids is a very sweet and moreish scent, my nose can detect several sweet layers, a soft honey aroma (although honey is not an ingredient in it, making it 100% Vegan) as well as hints of toffee and a subtle smidge of gooey caramel too.

I don’t always get on with the sweet smelling products however the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb isn’t at all sickly and I have grown very fond of it and the Honey I Washed the Kids scent.

As soon as the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb hits the water a fierce fizzing of royal blue bubbles shoot out of it, gradually turning the rest of your bath water into a deep shade of midnight blue.

After a few minutes of it fizzing away I noticed the stars. When I first used it and see the yellow bits bobbing about, I couldn’t help but grab the bath bomb to get a better look at it.

As you can see in the pictures below the new Shoot for the Stars is completely different from anything Lush have brought out before.

The stars at the point of time this photo was taken were no longer a dusty gold colour, it is at this point that I realised that the stars were not part of the bath bomb and were in fact bath melts.

As the bath bomb fizzes away the stars separate, floating to the top of the surface, going off on their own individual journey. There are 6 stars in total.

It is advisable to use the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb in quite a hot bath, this way you get the full benefits of the bath melts, the warmer temperature helps the cocoa butter melt.

Once melted you can see a coating of moisturising oil splodges on the top of your bath water. I couldn’t help but compare the last picture I took below to Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry night. A Shoot for the Stars bath really is a work of art!

When I realised that the stars were in fact bath melts I was a little worried that it would make me and the tub super oily, I was however very pleased to find that I didn’t get out of the bath looking like I’d been bathing in an oil slick. The bath was also fine after a quick hose down.

Once out of the bath my skin looked and felt fabulous, in addition to it feeling so much better it also smelt gorgeous. The scent stayed with me for ages, hours and hours after getting out of the bath I could still smell the sweet toffee scent on my freshly revived super, soft skin.

There are some reasons I prefer the new Shoot for the Stars bath bomb over the older one and vise versa. I enjoy and love both versions although I did find the new version more entertaining to watch in the bath tub. There is just something so interesting about the big butter stars and the way the water looks once the bath bomb has finished.

I have heard a rumour that the new version of Shoot for the Stars will be replacing the recently discontinued bath bomb Honey Bee. If the rumour turns out to be true it will mean that Shoot for the Stars will be available all year through which is very, very exciting. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Roller Bath Bomb from Lush

The Roller Bath Bomb was released back in February 2016 as an Oxford Street, Mother’s Day exclusive. My birthday is in February and in aid of it, I had booked to visit the flagship store as Oxford Street is quite literally the best Lush store in the universe.

I had, had a cheeky Synaesthesia treatment with all thanks to Lush and was eager to kill 2 birds with one stone by also doing a little bit of shopping after it, focusing on the Oxford Street exclusives from 2016’s Valentine’s and Mother’s Day range. Unfortunately the Roller bath bomb had been held back on its release and it was the only product I didn’t manage to get hold of that day.

I was born in London and had lived there for 24 years before moving to North Yorkshire for a quieter, better life.

If I had known about the flagship store opening almost directly opposite to where I once worked, I often wonder if I would have moved over 200 miles away? Luckily living so far away isn’t too much of a heartache as I have family and friends in London. My sister-in-law lives a short bus ride away from the flagship store and she goes above and beyond with her sister-in-law duties and picks me stuff up from there all the time. She’s a diamond, you should all be insanely jealous.

Of course while running my Lush errands she has also become a hardcore Lushie, which was inevitable as all Lush stores have a contagious atmosphere, especially Lush Oxford Street!

Roller Bath Bomb-2

Although I was a bit late to the Roller bath bomb party as it had sold out almost as soon as it was restocked several times, I finally got hold of some of my own and I have honestly never experienced a bath bomb quite like it.

The Roller bath bomb is completely unique to any other Lush bath bomb I have had before.

It is actually part bath bomb, part bath melt. The top half of Roller is dipped in a waxy-like purple melt, while it’s bottom half is the standard bath-bomb-formula that we are all used to getting from Lush.

At first I wasn’t sure of the Roller bath bomb. It looked and smelt fantastic, I am however not a fan of any bath products that are too oily because I am not steady on my feet. I already require assistance to get in and out of the bath and don’t want to over-complicate things.

Roller is however in my opinion, the perfect balance of both bath bomb and bath melt. It’s formula always leaves my skin the softest it has ever felt, I also didn’t feel like an over oiled engine part as I had feared.

It’s as if my skin soaked up all of the Roller’s goodness, conditioning my skin into the best I have ever seen or felt it.

The Roller bath bomb shares it’s scent with the Yummy Mummy Shower Cream that was also released earlier this year for Mother’s Day, it was however not an Oxford Street exclusive as it was available everywhere for a short period. I hope they bring it back next year as it is perfection in shower cream form. If you’d like to read my review on it click the link above.

The Yummy Mummy scent is a strawberry fans idea of heaven, the Roller bath bomb makes for a very delightful, strawberry-cream, bath time delicacy.

When the Roller bath bomb first hits the water it’s purple-melt-half floats just below the water surface, with it’s white side just above. it slowly froths up, spreading sweet and fruity scented foam around your bathtub.

It then slowly starts to spin, so that the purple side is now sometimes in vision. Slowly but surely the Roller bath bomb decorates your bath water with streaks of white, purple, blue, aqua green and pink swirls.

After some time the Roller bath bomb appears to break into two white pieces. Even though the Roller is now in half, it still carries on making the most gorgeous patterns of breathtaking colours.

I don’t normally include so many photographs in my Lush reviews but can you blame me for not wanting to miss a single moment of this precious bath bomb?

Whenever the Roller bath bomb becomes available to buy I strongly recommend you grab as many as you can. Actually scratch that… Don’t buy any at all, that way I can buy them all for myself!

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Yog Nog Bath Bomb from Lush

Yog Nog Bath Bomb2
Slowly but surely I have been working my way through all of the winter 2015 Lush products.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the Yog Nog Bath Bomb. As you can see from the above picture, Yog Nog is a very unique looking bath bomb. It really is like no other. It has the most beautiful exterior, instead of it just being the standard smooth bath bomb it has lots of little Christmas shapes all around it.

Lush have stated that Yog Nog is ‘sweeter than dipping into your biscuit tin,’ which I know has left a lot of people intrigued. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’ll know that the ‘sweet products’ although very popular, are not always my favourite. Curiosity however took over and as soon as the 2015 Winter line became available online I ordered myself one to try.

Upon first sniff I was surprised at how much I actually did like the scent of the Yog Nog bath bomb. Sweet things and I do not always have the best relationship. For this reason I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like it. Being honest, I can’t even eat sweet things, I struggle after just two bites of a Kit Kat Chunky.

Although the Yog Nog bath bomb is sweet, there is definitely a note of spiciness within it. I think that this is the Yog Nog bath bombs saving grace with me, without that small splash of spice I don’t think I’d have been as keen of it as I was.

The Yog Nog bath bomb’s scent is compared to cinder toffee which makes it a great choice for a Christmas present for anyone with a super, sweet tooth.

Upon coming in contact with  the water, the Yog Nog bath bomb fizzes yellow and white.

As Yog Nog’s solid shell dissolves away you start to notice that it has several lumps of soft, buttery, bath melt hidden inside.

A Yog Nog bath left my skin beautifully smooth, soft and moisturised. It hydrated my winter battered, dry skin perfectly. What made it really special was that the scent of it stayed with me on my skin, throughout the rest of the day.

I found this bath bomb very relaxing, the only thing I disliked about it was how much oil it left around my bath tub. Although it was amazing for hydrating my skin it made the tub very slippery which is a little dangerous for me in particular as I am not at all stable on my feet due to EDS. When getting in and out of the bath I had to be very careful but in all honesty I always do so in hindsight it wasn’t a bad trait.

Most Lush bath bomb products wash off of your bathtub with a quick splash of hot water from the shower head, Yog Nog however needed a little bit of help, a dab of fairy liquid followed by the shower head removed it just fine. When you use a Lush product that is a little more hydrating than others, fairy liquid is actually the perfect thing to remove the excess oil left behind as it cuts through grease etc. It doesn’t only just work on dishes and cutlery but is also a very handy bathroom cleaner too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Yog Nog bath bomb and I put it in amongst my other favourites Stardust, So White and Luxury Lush Pud.

The good news is they actually have a Yog Nog Soap and after Lush sent me a sample I ordered a great big bar of it, it smells so, so good!

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