Thundersnow Bath Bomb from Lush

Photo 14-03-2017, 22 11 41The Thundersnow Bath Bomb is yet another product that was exclusive to February 2017’s Lush Summit. As soon as the Summit doors opened photographs of this new and very interesting bath bomb were plastered all over Instagram.

Thundersnow is the average sized Lush bath bomb, it has a teal and pastel green striped decor that (in my opinion) resembles a watermelon. It however much like the Melomint bubble bar has nothing to do with a watermelon.

Thundersnow has a very gentle, creamy mint fragrance. When bathing in it I couldn’t help but feel as if who ever created it drew inspiration from the Abombinaball, Intergalactic and Haagenbath bath bombs. It seems as if all of the things I love most about the aforesaid bath bombs have been taken out and placed into the Thundersnow bath bomb.

Photo 23-02-2017, 18 58 57

As soon as the Thundersnow bath bomb hits the water a wave of creamy mint fragrance hits you. Teal and pastel green foam froths out of it as it bobs around the waters surface,  it’s almost as if it is dancing in the water. After a short while, the Thundersnow bath bomb appears to have lost all of its colour, at this point it is a bright, crisp white.

The patterns that begin to form on top of the water remind me somewhat of the Frozen bath bomb. The water underneath the pretty patterns shimmers and feels silky soft to touch. Laying back in this bath is so incredibly relaxing, it is also soothing not only just on my skin but also my mind. Any tension that had built up over the day floats away.

Photo 23-02-2017, 19 02 15

I could be wrong but I think the below photo shows exactly why this bath bomb is called Thundersnow, it really does look like snow falling from the sky, it also appears to crackle apart on the surface of the water. I’ve never used a bath bomb like it before, it’s beautiful!

The effect it creates is very similar to that nail crackle effect that everyone was mad on about 10 years ago. Thundersnow also has popping candy in it which makes for a very interesting bath, snap, crackle and pop!

Photo 23-02-2017, 19 05 38

The Thundersnow bath bomb entertained all of my senses. It was not only visibly stunning but smelt and felt great too. My skin continued to glow hours and hours after getting out of the bath. The bath bombs scent also remained on my skin and it left me feeling so calm and chilled out right into the next day.

I have heard (although it’s not from a completely reliable source) that Thundersnow may be arriving as an Oxford Street exclusive. I hope there is some truth in this rumour as it really is a truly fantastic bath bomb, I’m hoping that it may become permanent stock in the future, fingers crossed!

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